2 Mai 2023

An Introduction to the Adolescent Dancer - 1/2

with Dr Siobhan Mitchell

This webinar will look at selected biological, physiological and psychological aspects of development of adolescent dance students.

As dance teachers, it is important that you adapt your teaching approaches and expectations when working with adolescent dance students. This introductory webinar aims to provide you with some of the tools and suggested approaches which will inform your own practices and planning as a dance teacher.


The aim of this webinar is to equip participants with a basic understanding of the physical and psychological perspectives of growth and maturation in the context of training adolescent dancer students.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the webinar, you will:

  • Have an understanding of the biological basis of pubertal changes, physical changes and psychological development as related to working with the adolescent dancer.
  • Understand implications of the growth spurt, gender differences at puberty and the timing of puberty.
  • Have an understanding of differentiated training needs and approaches for adolescent dance students.


Dr Siobhan Mitchell trained vocationally as a dancer before completing a BA Hons in Dance Studies (University of Roehampton), an MSc in Dance Science (Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance) and an MRes in Health and Wellbeing (University of Bath). Awarded a full ESRC studentship in 2014, Dr Mitchell completed her doctorate in 2018 and currently works as a postdoctoral research associate in Child Health at the University of Exeter. Dr Mitchell’s doctoral research explored the psychological and social implications of early and late maturation in young ballet dancers. Her research interests are in child and adolescent development and she is active in research both within dance and sport and in public health. Dr Mitchell is passionate about education in the area of adolescent development and regularly delivers workshops for dance teachers, dance students and parents of young dancers.


Tutor Dr Shiobhan Mitchell
Date 2.5.2023
CPD 2h time-valued CPD
Platform Zoom